“It has always been my dream to travel, learn and experience new things. At first, I didn’t know that it will be possible given that there are lots of things that I have to prepare and there is a strict process that I have to undergo. Just thinking about it already made me want to give up. I’m not fully aware of what to do and where to start but, thank God for Immigpinoy everything was made easy and yes, I already have my visa! I want to Thank the Lord for His unending grace and favors and for introducing to me Ms. Djaba of Immigpinoy. She really helped me a lot and did not give up on me especially on though times during my application. There were lots of trials along the way but I thank God for Ms. Djaba who was always there to help and to encourage me. She did not hesitate to answer all my questions regarding my application and my study program in Canada. I will be leaving soon and looking back, I can’t believe everything just passed by with ease!”

Katherine Joy Arevalo-Ontario



Congratulations to Angelica Cabreros for finally making it to Canada. Her mother, who currently lives in Canada, has been trying to obtain a study permit for her daughter for years, but to no avail. After multiple attempts on her own, she asked ImmigPinoy to help her out. And, with a bit of luck, Angelica finally arrived in Canada on June 10, 2016! We are so happy to have been a part of the reunification process. We wish Angelica all the best in the upcoming school year and for the rest of her stay in Canada. Bienvenue à Montréal Angelica et bonne chance !!!


It’s been half a year since Kevin and Karla made it to Canada as international students! After enjoying their summer vacation in Canada, they will be continuing their studies when the new semester starts this September. We wish them all the best with their studies this upcoming school year!



Immigpinoy can help you achieve your dreams. Just pass them your documents and they do the rest, it’s that simple. Immigpinoy will get the job done.

– Kevin Paragas, Ontario

KK (1)


I never thought that coming to Canada and being one step closer to my dream would be this easy. I had heard that applying for a student visa required many documents, and that the process was complicated.

I expected that applying for a student visa would be very difficult, but I was wrong because I never felt any stress during the processing of my papers. Thanks to the staff at ImmigPinoy and Tita Djaba, the process was smooth and easy.

– Karla Camaclang, Ontario


davies familyThe Davis family is reunited in Canada! Janette, the mother, went ahead of the rest of the family to work in Canada as a live-in caregiver. Meanwhile, Bryan, the father, was working and living in Saudi Arabia as a head nurse with their two children. After two years of living apart, the family received their permanent residence through Bryan’s application to the Quebec Skilled Worker program. This just goes to show that hard work and persistence can help you go a long way (sometimes all the way to Canada!)

All of us at ImmigPinoy wish the Davis family the best of luck as they enter a new chapter in their lives.


Bienvenue à Montréal! – Welcome to Montreal!

Congratulations Bash – we wish you the best while you start your new life in Canada… just make sure to bundle up; winter isn’t over yet!

Bash, a registered nurse in the Philippines, received her permanent resident visa as a skilled worker a few months ago, and has finally landed in Canada through hard work, persistence, and a bit of help from us!

Quebec has reopened its doors and is giving deserving applicants the opportunity to make Canada their new home. Bash is one of many of our clients that have recently received their visas in this year’s batch!



Finally, The long wait is over. After 2 years of waiting, I finally have in my hands my Permanent Residence Visa.

I would like to thank the Almighty God for making my dream come true. Thanks to my family, my special someone, my teachers in french and friends for all the support and for pushing me to reach for my dreams. Thank you Canada for the trust and acceptance and for the opportunity to settle down in your country. And I also want to thank Immigpinoy for keeping me updated during the processing of my papers and feeding me with the necessary information that I needed. You served as a bridge for my dreams and made it happen. Thank you for all the advices you’ve shared. I hope you continue helping every individual whose dream is to live in Canada.

I am bound for Montreal in a few days time to face on the new adventure of my life. For those applicants who are still waiting, I advise you to do your part, stay positive and have faith in the Almighty God.

See you in Canada.

God Bless You All.

– Kate Derequito, MONTREAL



Studying abroad is a childhood dream. I’ve always envisioned myself walking on unfamiliar streets, hearing  different languages and experiencing multiple cultures. However, I’m always hindered thinking it’s a rigorous process. I thought I can’t handle it. Good thing, I got to know Immigpinoy Inc and the people behind it. The agency helped me through all the paper works, being an international student, would entail. It was tough yet made it seem so easy. Miss Djaba Arquisola, the owner of the aforementioned agency, has answered all my questions anytime, and any day. She was there throughout the whole procedure- from the inquiry portion up until I got hold of my student visa. Yes, I already got my visa and will be leaving soon. Looking back, I believe that if it’s not for the agency and Miss Djaba, as well as her staff, it won’t even be near possible to be where I am today or for this matter, where I will be heading soon. I am grateful for the service they have given me. Immigpinoy Inc has truly opened an opportunity to fulfill dreams to travel, learn, and grow all at the same time.

– Jean Pauline Salonga, Ontario


Mark and Carmie Leviste, Alberta

Through Ms. Djaba of ImmigPinoy we were able to obtain the necessary documents for our re-application. Actually, hope arose when we first had our meeting. With her kind approach and honest dealing we succeeded. Now my wife and I are together in Canada to fulfill our dreams for our families in the Philippines and for our own.

– Mark and Carmie Leviste, Alberta


Lyds Ingalla, British Columbia

With the help of Immigpinoy agency, and of course Tita Djaba, I was able to fulfill all the necessary documents required by the Immigration for federal skilled worker program. At first, I thought it would be a long journey but to my surprise, it was smooth sailing. My application process was just less than a year. Whatever I have achieved for now, half of it I owe to this agency. Thank you again for helping me reach my goals. God bless and more power!

– Lyds Ingalla, British Columbia


Rubini Marie Dela Pena, Ontario

My goal to live in Canada began with a dream, but turned to reality by an effective and highly knowledgeable support system. And that support system was Ms. Djaba of ImmigPinoy as she meticulously walked me through my journey to ensure I was fully prepared to face the challenges of the entire process. What I appreciate the most was her honest advice, which were not simply based on what I wanted to hear but based on realistic circumstances. Because of her guidance, I am now living happily in Canada.

– Rubini Marie Dela Pena, Ontario


Gildane Briones and family, Manitoba

The name Djaba Arquisola already gave me a glimmer of hope of my migration plan to Canada even before meeting her as an Immigration Consultant. She is two years my senior at Roxas Memorial School of Arts and Trades (RMSAT), now ASU-CIT. A popular name in school, who could miss her? That was the start of my trust and confidence in Immigpinoy in helping me out realize my dream to come to Canada. I did not have any problem with Immigpinoy from the start. My application for Permanent Resident was processed professionally and for a short period of time. If there is anything I need to know, Djaba would inform me promptly and update me of the status of the application. The services of Immigpinoy is really recommendable and I would certainly recommend to my friends, relatives and anybody who need consultancy services. I could only say thank you very much to Immigpinoy, Djaba in particular for being instrumental to my Canada dream! More power to Immigpinoy!”

– Gildane Briones and family, Manitoba