Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class may be the ideal stream for temporary foreign workers and international students currently living in Canada to become permanent residents. As foreign students and workers are already settled in Canada, switching from a temporary resident to a permanent resident is relatively simple. The requirements for this program are:

  • Have at least 1 year of high-skilled or technical work experience within the 36 months of making an application
  • Must demonstrate high official language proficiency equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark 4 or 7 (depending on the occupation)
  • Must intend to live and work outside of Quebec
  • The Canadian Experience Class is managed through Express Entry. If you are entered in the Express Entry pool and are ranked highly enough, then you may be invited to apply to Canada through this stream

This program is open to foreign workers and students inside and outside of Canada. An applicant may qualify for this stream as long as the work experience was completed within the last 36 months.