Work & Study

One-year post graduate program package*

Application steps

  1. Screening
    1. Fill out evaluation form
    2. Interview Applicant
  2. Signup
    1. Sign Service Agreement
    2. Pay Processing Fee
    3. Distribute Application Kit
  3. Take IELTS
  4. School Application
    1. Choose school and program
    2. Fill out application form
    3. Letter of Acceptance from the school
  5. Requirements
    1. Passport
    2. Original NBI Clearance
    3. NSO Birth Certificate
    4. Diploma and TOR
    5. Bank Statement
  6. Student visa application (ImmigPinoy)
  7. Payment
    1. Tuition fees and miscellaneous fees to the school
    2. Book plane ticket
  8. Pre-departure briefing

* Program fees include tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses. Medical examination, embassy fees, plane ticket and accommodation are excluded. Program fees may vary depending on the school and program attended.