• Allowed to work 20 hours/week during the school year and up to 40 hours/week during holidays and school break
  • Qualified to apply for a one (1) year Post Graduate Open Work permit (PGWP) – The PGWP allows international students to work full time (40 hours/week) for any employer
  • Qualifications Valued Around the World – Canadian credentials will open doors to your future and benefit your career
  • Affordable Education – Cost of living and tuition fees for International Students are generally lower in Canada than New Zealand, Australia or USA.
  • Multicultural Society – Canadians are known for being friendly, open and tolerant. Citizens and permanent residents of Canada come from over 200 ethnic origins
  • Healthy and Safe Communities – Enjoy the same freedoms as permanent residents and citizens-respect for human rights, equality for everyone regardless of ethnic origin, and a stable and peaceful society
  • Bilingual Society – Access to education in both English and French
  • Pathway to Permanent Immigration – Upon completion of your studies, you may commence application for your permanent resident status without having to leave Canada