International Students

Every year Canada accepts an average of 130,000 foreign students. The first step is to choose a school that is a perfect fit to your interest and personal profile. ImmigPinoy is working with a network of over 100 schools in Canada. Our team of education advisers will assess your personal profile and recommend a school that not only fits your personal profile, but also your geographical preference of study.

Upon acceptance from your preferred school, our team of competent regulated immigration consultants will then assist you in obtaining your student permit.

Benefits of studying in Canada:

  • Allowed to work 20 hours/week during the school year and up to 40 hours/week during the holidays and school breaks without a work permit
  • Qualified to apply for a 1 year Post Graduate Open Work permit once studies are completed
  • Affordable – Cost of tuition and living generally lower in Canada than in any other country
  • World-class education
  • Multicultural, friendly and tolerant society
  • Pathway to permanent immigration