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Every year Canada accepts about 250,000 new permanent residents. Categories under which these new permanent residents are admitted ranged from Federal Skilled Workers, Quebec Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominees, Family Sponsored, Investors, Entrepreneurs , Self Employed and Refugees.

The Government of Canada recently tabled its 2010 Immigration Plan. According to Minister Kenney “Canada plans to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2010, the same number of immigrants as in recent years. In 2010, Canada will again welcome more new permanent residents than the average annual intake during the 1990s. The focus of the 2010 plan is on economic immigration to support Canada’s economy during and beyond the current economic recovery.”

This new immigration thrust by the government is encouraging for prospective immigrants to Canada because the chances of getting accepted by qualified applicants are enhanced due to the increased quota of admission. Furthermore, processing time under the Federal Skilled worker category has been considerably reduced following the introduction of Bill C 50. According to Minister Kenney “people applying now under the federal skilled worker program can expect to receive a decision within six to twelve months, compared to up to six years under the old system.”

At ImmigPinoy, our mission is to screen, prepare and assists foreign nationals interested in immigrating to Canada. Our staff of Certified Immigration Consultants will provide a detailed assessment of our clients’ qualifications to determine and recommend the best category for immigration. Candidates will be offered advice as to how to enhance their qualifications and present their profile effectively thereby increasing their chance of acceptance.

We also counsel our clients as to what to expect upon arrival in Canada. We provide direction as to which government and non-governmental agencies to deal with to ease integration into the Canadian society.

We will provide our clients with the best possible chance of immigration as well as successful integration into the Canadian society.